General de Castelnau's outfit

Created in 1976 in the strategic " Trouée de Charmes " materialized by a corridor left opened between the main positions of Epinal and Nancy.
The Museum has been established in 1988 in the historical but civilian buildings of the formaly Co.Boussac, high place of Lorraine's textile industry.

No dedicated to a specific era, the visit allows to perceive the evolution of military uniforms and equipments from 1914 to the Gulf War.

Five main rooms allow the visitor to discover 100 mannequins along with numorous equipments and radios. An impressive collection of French, American and German weapons.

The last room inaugurated in 2003 features explosives and ammunitions belonging to the belligerents of World War 2 and a showcase presenting General de Castelnau's outfits and souvenirs.
He was victorious of the " Grand Couronné's battle " which saved Nancy from German occupation in 1914.

A collection of vehicles ( tank, jeeps, half-track ) completes the thousand square meters of exposition.

The museum has a room of projection of 25 places equipped with a videoprojector and a screen with 2m20 X 1m50.