The Vincey museum of military art

11 rue d'Alsace 88450 Vincey

Curator of museum M. Lener Pascal - 06 71 17 40 86 - / Town hall of Vincey - 03 29 67 45 07 / Facebook


Return to the past, immersed in military history, for the time of a visit. The Vincey museum is part of the red brick buildings of the Boussac spinning mills, a former flagship of the textile industry and located at the gates of the battle of the Charmes hole in August 1914. Quite a symbol, since they are there. presented the souvenirs and uniforms of General de Castelnau, winner of this battle and nicknamed the savior of Nancy for having stopped the Germans at the entrance to the city of the Dukes of Lorraine.

Spanning more than 1,500 m2 and two levels, the museum is a veritable, rich and varied retrospective of the most significant wars of 1914 to that of the Gulf, including the Second World War, Indochina and the Algerian War. You will discover a very broad overview of the materials. Around a hundred mannequins in situ, cannons and vehicles in working order, a reconstruction of the trenches and thousands of objects and memorabilia from the wars of the 20th century are on display. You will come out blown away by the quantity and quality of the pieces presented!

A very informative journey through time, with the duty of remembrance for which the museum guides and volunteers invest themselves. A pleasant and fun visit given by specialists who evoke history through object, image and sound, to reflect on and question the functioning of weaponry and their usefulness on the battlefield.

Individual or group visit, at the weekend or during the week, do not hesitate to contact the museum staff with any request, they will adapt to your needs.


Opening hours
The museum is opened of 8 mai till 11 Novembre every Friday, Saterday and Sunday from 2h00 to 6h00 PM.
Guided visit by appointment for groups - 06 71 17 40 86.

Adult : 4 €
Group : 3 €
Kid (free for children under 12 years) : 2 €

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